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At Elite Physio and Therapy we pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary and holistic approach to healthcare.

We’ve worked with a whole range of different bodies; military personnel, dancers, athletes, adolescents, the elderly, office workers, and ante- and postnatal. The one thing every body has in common is that they are all completely different! We have our own preferred side of the body, our own strengths and weaknesses, we have anatomical differences that we were born with and biomechanical differences we have learnt or adapted.

In the case of two individuals having the exact same injury they still require completely different treatment for a whole host of reasons such as; the way they gained their injury, how their weaknesses may have contributed, how their body recovers and responds to treatment, what their daily activities or sports or job needs are... The list goes on and on.

Rehabilitation and conditioning of the body is like a juggling act of all the different aspects needed for optimum health. This is why we believe our multidisciplinary approach is the gold standard for our clients.